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Rental Troubles

Yesterday, a friend and I rented movies, which turned out to be a huge saga. We went to Blockbuster, and decided to be cheesy and get The Haunting and The Haunted Mansion. We got home only to discover that instead of The Haunting we had recieved the wrong movie by mistake (it was mis-filed, apparently.) So we went back to the video store. Of course, The Haunting wasn't in, so we got Cold Creek Manor instead, since it looked interesting and had Steven Dorff in it. Well, The Haunted Mansion wouldn't play, and Cold Creek Manor is the worst movie I've seen in ages (barring Van Helsing of course.) The pacing was horrible, the script was dull, it wasn't really that suspenseful, and worst of all: The first and obvious suspect was the one who did it. There were no twists. There was no explanation for why the villain did what he did, really. The best part of the whole thing was when Sharon Stone fell down a hole. We are considering going to Blockbuster, tearing up our card and …