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Showing posts from November, 2002

The Freeway Movies

In the past two days, I watched Freeway and Freeway 2: Confessions of a Trick Baby. Freeway is a pretty good movie, I guess. It's well-made and has a lot of famous people in it. Also, seeing Brooke Shields with her brains splattered all over the place definitely gave me a little thrill. However, for pure entertainment value, I must agree with Prancing Prince that Freeway 2 wins. It has a lot of blood and vomiting and violence and female masterbation and lesbian sex and a really really scary nun. (All the ingredients for a great movie, of course.) Nevertheless, after seeing it, I am no longer going to let you mock my movie choices anymore, Prancing Prince, because it is a tragically bad film. It falls into that category inhabited by things like Army of Darkness. (Not that I don't LIKE Army of Darkness, but you can't tell me it's a "good" piece of cinema.)

Lose Yourself: 8 Mile

Oh my God. Omigod. 8 Mile? So so so so so sooooooooooo good! Dude, it fucking ROCKED! I came out of there so damned pumped I couldn't even sit still for like an hour. Eminem? SO GOOD. And SO BLOODY HOT! And that sex scene? JESUS. I won't even BEGIN to try and say how motherfucking hot THAT was. I think it was quite possibly the hottest sex scene I've seen in a movie in AGES. (Though sex in a metal pressing factory? Seems kind of dangerous--there's the possibility of getting metal shards up your ass or having a machine turn on and squish you...) Brittany Murphy was really skanky and kind of annoying, but everyone else was great. Well, and Kim Basinger was a little too pretty to be white trash--I've never seen a trailer trash chick with hair that good. But other than that? FAAAANTASTIC. You should all go see it. It was a nice bit of film. I'm going to try and convince someone to go and see it with me again.

I don't even know what do say here...: Fire Walk With Me

Spent the morning sleeping, and the afternoon watching Fire Walk With Me. I know, I know, I should have watched the show first, but the DVD just seemed to jump off the shelf at me. It's a FUCKED UP piece of film. I didn't get it. There were more loose ends then there were tied ends, everyone was a complete psycho, and I was so annoyed by Laura Palmer I couldn't WAIT for someone to kill her. Also, Chris Isaak disappeared (without any explanation) about twenty minutes into it, and Kiefer Sutherland left for Portland, never to be heard from again. They--as well as Bobby the drug dealer--were my favorite characters. Kyle MacLaughlan was creepy. Most of the other characters were completely unnecessary. Also the random white horse and gratuitous monkey. I'd still like to see the shows sometime--since they were on TV, perhaps they make a smidgen more sense.