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Halloween Interlude

So I am taking a short break from the Cannonball Read--this year's contest is over, the new round starting November 1st. I managed to get 55 books in since last December, which is pretty impressive. The new Cannonball Read goal is 52 books in a year, which I am quite sure I can manage. I've really enjoyed all the reading I've done this year, and I think the blogging has been beneficial as well. In the "things to look forward to for the next round" column, I am pleased that there will be new participants, including a much-appreciated fan of this blog, Doc Spender. I'm always interested to know what others are reading.

Right now, I am focused on the search for a Halloween costume. The Boyfriend and I have been invited to a party by one of our friends, and I am desperately trying to figure out what to be. It's a lot harder than it used to be, to say the least. Back in the day (when I was thinner and single) all I had to do was stick the adjective "sexy" in front of something and there we go. "Sexy vampire" or "sexy hooker" or even "sexy secretary." Now it's a little more complicated and I am a little pickier.

Optimum Halloween Costume is:

1. Comfortable. No hopping around with my feet bound together, or in a corset where I can't breathe or a skirt so short I can't sit. Also, considering the New England weather, layers would be nice. Last year's zombie soldier idea was great--cargo pants, cammo t-shirt, military sweater, and boots kept me snug and warm for all trips out-of-doors.

2. Interesting. I hate lame cop-out costumes along the Wednesday Addams "Homicidal maniacs look just like everyone else" vein. Also, I'm not a fan of punny costumes. Not to mention that this party is going to be full of creative artsy types, and I have to keep up.

3. Funny, Scary, or Witty. Ideally, I'd love to be some pop culture figure from movies, TV, or books. Something that maybe not everyone will get right off, but that the kind of people I like will either recognize or be delighted by.

4. Not ridiculously expensive or difficult to create. I am neither rich nor particularly craft-inclined. I can throw some things together, I'm all right with improvisation, and I'm decent at doing costume make-up.

The Boyfriend is going as Walter Sobcek from The Big Lebowski (an eerily accurate costume for him, looks-wise) and I think The Roommate is going as Robin Sparkles (HIMYM reference). I have been thinking over this problem for weeks, and have discarded several ideas for various reasons.

1. Bea Arthur: The costume would probably qualify for comfortable, but it's not easy buying a pastel caftan-type outfit these days. Plus, I doubt anyone would get it.

2. Character from True Blood: I love the show, but first of all, there will probably be a TON of True Blood vamps out there this year. Secondly, the female characters on the show are really not that distinctive. Sookie, when you get right down to it, is a blond in a sundress. I am not really built for sundresses, even if they WERE weather-appropriate. (I do look forward to seeing how many guys think they can pull off the Eric Northman. The results will likely either be hot or totally hilariously inaccurate.)

3. Generic 80s girl: This was a good idea until The Roommate decided on Robin Sparkles. We can't BOTH be 80s girls.

4. Maude Lebowski: The major pro for this would be that The Boyfriend and I would be thematically linked. Unfortunately, Maude's two major looks are either the dream-sequence bowling viking warrior (costume is much too complicated for someone with as little crafting talent as I have I think) or the naked-with-bathrobe, which is obviously unacceptable.

5. Super Villainess: Turns out there don't seem to be any super villianesses who don't wear spandex (which I am uniquely unqualified to wear). Someone suggested Dr. Girlfriend from Venture Brothers, but aside from the difficulty of finding a pink knit set and pillbox hat, it's likely everyone will think I'm some kind of weird butch Jackie O.

6. Daria: This would be comparatively easy, the only problem being that I'm pretty sure this has passed cultural relevancy, much like being Angela Chase or TLC.

So anyone who comes up with a good, clever, interesting, fun costume for a girl who is not interested in attracting new boys, not afraid to look a bit silly or scary, likes to be comfy, and is built like a Sherman tank with feet will get a prize.

Things I like: crime shows, Stephen King books, True Blood, Futurama, most pop music from the 80s and 90s, John Hughes movies, Jhonen Vasquez comics, Deadwood, Shakespeare, the Titanic (history of the ship, not that stupid movie), Muppets, Anthony Bourdain, the Civil War, Boston sports teams, the Sex Pistols, and cartoons.


Spender said…
"Things I like: crime shows, Stephen King books, True Blood, Futurama, most pop music from the 80s and 90s, John Hughes movies, Jhonen Vasquez comics, Deadwood, Shakespeare, the Titanic (history of the ship, not that stupid movie), Muppets, Anthony Bourdain, the Civil War, Boston sports teams, the Sex Pistols, and cartoons."

I have no costume ideas from the top of my head but I must say that based on the above list, you and I must marry. I'm sure that Mrs. Spender and your beau will get along just fine!
And thank you VERY much for the shout-out and compliment. The feeling is mutual and you've made my day.

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