Monday, December 28, 2009

Cannonball Read 2 #11 - 13: Sookie Stackhouse 2 - 4 by Charlaine Harris

These darned Sookie Stackhouse book are worse than I first thought--they are NOT like pork rinds, they are like CRACK. I gobbled down three of them during the holidays and found myself raving and drooling until I broke down and ordered #5 - 7.

Sookie's life continues to get weirder--she discovers there are many more supernatural creatures besides vampires in the world, including werewolves, shape-shifters, maenads, fairies, and some she can't even identify. She travels around the south meeting the vampire king of Louisiana, a suicidal vampire, a werewolf biker gang, some religious fanatics, a coven of brutal witches, and even another telepath. She finds dead bodies, gets beaten up, dodges killers, has relationship problems, makes new friends, kicks some ass, and gets more entangled with her boyfriend Vampire Bill's sexy boss Eric than she'd like to be.

Each book is a fun, trashy, roller-coaster ride. The character of Sookie is well-defined, and as you continue through the series, the residents of the small town of Bon Temps--as well as the members of the local vampire community--start to become familiar friends. On the whole, these are fun, entertaining books. If it were summer I'd say they're beach reads, but as it is they are a great way to liven up a long bus ride or spend a few hours on the sofa wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket.


Jen K said...

I loved the 4th one - Bill started getting one my nerves somewhere in the second or third one (granted, he isn't in the third one that much, either) so I loved having a novel that was focused on Eric. One thing I like about Eric is that he actually notices small details and is somewhat thoughtful even while he's completely amoral. Sookie needs a new coat - he sends her one. Bill never quite got the hang of that.

The Caustic Critic said...

Yes! I was trying to put my finger on what is about Bill that is annoying and about Eric that is awesome, and I think you are right--Bill hasn't really evolved with the times, he still seems to consider Sookie an object rather than a person. He "loves" her, but kind of for the same reason Sookie loves him...Sookie is Bill's first girlfriend in this phase of his life, just as he is her first real boyfriend. They just kind of assume they should be in love. Eric is obnoxious, but he is genuinely INTERESTED in Sookie as well as lusting after her.