Thursday, January 27, 2011

CR3 #9: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

This is the first book I've read by Neil Gaiman, and I must admit that I only tried it because I saw the film and kind of enjoyed it.

Stardust is the story of Tristran Thorn, a young man of mysterious origins who leaves his small, rural town and heads off into the land of Faerie on a quest to find a fallen star for the girl he loves. He finds the star, but it is not at all what he expected. Tristran also discovers that he is not the only one who has come looking for the star, and that others may have more nefarious uses for it.

This is basically a good old fashioned fairy-tale. With the exception of one or two swear words and a short sex scene, this would be a perfect tale for older children. I enjoyed it, and Gaiman definitely has a way with words and has created very relatable characters. The movie definitely filled out the plot quite a bit--frankly, I found the book ending somewhat dull in comparison--but on the whole it's a fun little book.

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